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That’s what I see a lot in Milfs, once a woman is married and has children they tend to want to take it up the ass, or at least they will allow their partner to stick it up there butt. That’s not just me talking that happens to be a survey taken by one on the largest sex dating websites networks out there today on the Internet, they like us take many surveys and do so for their members and posted obviously on their official blog’s

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Take for instance Sabrina Jones from Arkansas, she’s one of those very common milf babes in their early 30s that are always looking for a good hard cock up their ass.

However I am inviting everybody to check out the sex dating blog that we have set up in these past few months and have contribution to it with some very interesting information for all them that wish to have sex with people other than their partners locally, in other words fuck other people rather than their husbands or wives LOL. The link is right there for you to click on I do suggest you check it out because it is updated very often and like said it is full of extremely interesting information and statistics about sex dating and sex personals websites that there are on the web today.

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I was astonished to know all what is behind a dating affiliate program and I did so thanks to talking to the guys over at this past weekend at a convention for the adult industry in Los Angeles, I prefer not to say the name of the organizes otherwise everyone was saying that I’m giving them free advertising etc. etc. However I was invited by the organizes and I had the time of my life, I thoroughly enjoyed it there and would definitely go back next time if I am once again invited to go down there and write some articles about what is going on and that is exactly what I will do in the next few days.

It was kind of fun because I met a lot of models from the Live Sex Shows networks and the sluts were incredibly hot, I’m sure don’t mind me calling them sluts because in reality that’s what they are they all whores, anybody that will slam their pussy with a massive dildo and stick it up their ass if requested can only be and exclusively be a whore.

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I’m going to be writing a rather large article on how to date cheaters on the blog that I’ve just linked as you can see and I will be talking about all the horrors that I met and of course the blow job that one of the sluts gave me, I also have some photographs of that going down, photograph that I took with my android cell phone and that she had absolutely no idea what was going on.

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As many of you have already read in the past I have spoken about a dating affiliate program called, that happens to be an incredible success and that I have been using for as long as eight years as I started using them in early 2006, however I have come across in these past few days a very interesting dating affiliate program that as you can see I have linked right here in this paragraph, and as far as I can see I have made 14 sales in the past two days without even pushing the sponsor itself. it was converting extremely well and at that point I decided to have a small chat with the affiliate manager that was taking care of my custom banners only to find out that they are the same company that provides 3000 webmasters on the Internet. It couldn’t be any other way considering that I noticed right away all their outstanding customer service and the attention that they give a webmaster when it comes down to like I said custom banners, landing pages and contextual links.

So why did they come out with another one of these dating sponsors? Is there any specific reason? The answer would be yes they have made sure that this new sponsor is exclusively for mainstream websites, that doesn’t mean you can not use them on your adult website, but they are introducing this new website and its network of brands to a non-adult Webmaster audience, what they want to do in reality is divide the two dating programs one from another in order to have on one side adult on the other side mainstream.

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I myself find it a very inviting idea and if you have an already existing account on one of the two sponsors then you automatically enlisted on the other, so therefore simply use the password and username that you have and you should be logged in that’s how easy it is to become a part of both dating affiliate programs. Go and take a look and see inside check out all the brands and the new websites that they are proposing to webmasters and I’m very sure that you will find everything extremely interesting.

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In my life I have always dreamt to hang out at least hang out with a Sexy Milf. Never mind talking about having sex with a hot mom. I came really close when I was 19 years old, one of my mom’s friends called Maria, a very hot woman mother of three age 36 that seriously wanted to have sex with me, but I was still living with my parents and I was broke so I could not afford to take her to even to a motel. So as you can imagine things really didn’t go for the best way. If back then there was the Internet, there was not! Then I would have spent a lot less to meet up with MILFs and have the possibility to have sex with them, moms in my town, back then that would’ve sounded like a dream, but today that is total reality, very simple and easy and of course very cheap.

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I’m not pushing you to try this dating website, you can try any sex dating site you want, it’s just that this one here actually got me laid yes get laid in your town with someone tonight someone that is looking for sex just like you, they are not looking for a relationship, they already have a relationship, they just want to have sex. You don’t have to try it, I really don’t care, I just thought it was really cool to let you all know about it, like I have been doing with all the websites that I have run into so far.

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You can get laid without moving a finder with this dating website… Totally Untrue, who the fuck told anyone that? You sign up to a dating site, then you have to do the work, they put you in the conditions, to search and find, then you have to do all the rest. is simply one of the best organized sex personals dating site that there is out there these days. There are hundreds and I say really “hundreds” of dating sites that offer you the world, saying that they’ll find you the best relationship you could ever want and that the girls will fall into your lap. Yeah right! Then you wonder why these websites only last a few years before going bust or because the feds take them down for scamming people out of their money. Thats why Untrue has been around for nearly ten years, that long , simply because, it works and it delivers. They show you who is in your town, what they’re looking for and what they like… and a lot of other thing on everyones profiles, that include links to their social media pages, photographs, videos, emails etc. Practically it’s a database full of sex with a lot of pussy in your area, then if you get laid or not thats up to you.

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Why are college girls looking for dates? Don’t they have all the cock they need inside the walls of their universities? Why would they use a website to find a date? That makes no sense and thats why I looked into it. So we have a dating site called that is very well known by college sluts, sluts! Thats right, because thats what they are sluts! Why is that? Well come on guys, any chick that signs up to a sex personals website isn’t looking for romance, they’re looking for cock!

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Helen and Martha, the two that you see flashing their butt cheeks in the image here above are two that go to one of the local collages in my state. They happen to be about three miles from where I live, they belong to a sorority on campus and are respected chicks. So if thats the case and being cute as well, why are they using They want sex and if they get it on campus, who gives it to them will go around after telling everyone! They don’t need that, some of these chicks have to still be on campus for at least another three years. So they find cock to suck and fuck that is in their same town, but cocks that are not related to their college or anyone that attends that college. Sex personals made simple, see the answer to all that wasn’t that hard after all now was it!??

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How about that for a spread? Thats what this Latina Cams chick did the moment that I logged on and started to have a private (p2p) show with her. Needless to say how all the rest of the show went :)

I really like Latina babes, this specific chick is from Peru, but is originally from Argentina. How the hell did she end up there I don’t know. What I do know though is that she is making it up in the ranks in the webcam world, the chicks is number three as the hottest Latina chick on cam today, and I’m not talking about on, no sir I’m talking about world wide web level. So take into consideration that there are over 4,000 webcam models from Latin and Central America working on the web, being number three is pretty fucking awesome.

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If you get a chance to have a show with her then you’ll see what I’m talking about. I had like said a show with her yesterday evening, she was fucking awesome and she didn’t even want me to pay her, she didn’t even want the free tokens that they give members when they sign up. Thats the person she is, she likes what she’s doing and is not in it for the cash. You got to love these hotties when they have this mentality!

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Are you a webmaster? You have a website with traffic and it’s not converting as you wish? Need fast cash? What the fuck are you waiting for asshole? Check these Dating Programs out and tell me what you think.

I can tell you what I think after been using them since 2006. 7 years ago I came out with a link dump website and I had a ton of sponsors on there. Some even very annoying. Nothing was converting that well besides a Canadian based company and a couple of others. The rest (about 13 different sponsors) were making shit!

Most of these sponsors since then have closed down or have been proved to be a scam, so called “Shaving your sales” and sometime this year I was looking back at my sales history and noticed that only one affiliate program had been stable in sales, paid out all the time every time and they have incredible assistance if needed and that happened to be I think that up to date they have about 20 plus dating brands to chose from and a webcam program that also is selling like crazy.

On there end they work hard and are always getting in new banners and other tools to work with and to promote them on your site as best as you can. I like the fact that the rep-managers will actually make you custom banners if needed. Said that, I linked the affiliate program page in this post and as you can see I didn’t even put a referral URL either, simply because these motherfuckers are so good and they keep making money, I don’t need your referral 5 percent.

Check it out and thank me later

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this is not simply dating, no sir, this is SEX DATING. I have posted about a few times on my blog network and since then you motherfuckers have been swamping me with thank you messages sms’s and fucking emails. This time around, please do me all a fucking favor and done thank me, just think of me when you’re at a motel or at that persons house having amazing sex.

I have to admit that I’m not wasting my time their either. I met a few hotties, dated them, had amazing sex and so on. However I was looking for something different. Not Gay, I wanted something a little more extreme, just to be kinky for once, never done anything kinky with my GF before, so I thought it could be cool just to try it out, that way if I were to like it I could propose my girlfriend to take on some kinky action.

So I dated Emma here in the photograph below. 29 years of age, she lives 13 miles from my office and she also has a boyfriend, so I invited her over to the office as my girlfriend never comes here and my corner office has a bog leather sofa. I made sure that we got to see one another later that evening, so that there were no staff or cleaning people around and we did it hard and we did it kinky. I have pics of the whole thing, for now you can see the one below, but be sure to bookmark the page, because as soon as I fuzz out her face I’ll be posting the rest and trust me fuckers, they are extreme.

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I’m 22, I have a fetish of that I like older women, or anything that is married and has kids. In other words a MILF, for this I visit from time to time the only dating service that I’m a member at” Amateur match mature ” that happens to be a part of the one and only “Get Laid Tonight” dating service.

I would love to mention the other services that promise what they can’t deliver, but I prefer not to, it’s not that hard to figure out who they are all you need to do is visit their flash websites and notice that all the want to do is attract you and take your cash. I mean Amateur Match will take a fee off you, but they will get you laid at the same time.

The babe in the video is 31, she’s a mom of two and is cheating on her husband, yesterday she told me that she banged a dude from a college close by, today its my turn and tomorrow shes on to fuck some rich dude that has a yacht here on the bay. See what I mean? never the less I have a hot date next Saturday as well, always what I think is a hot mom and always from the same dating site. Check it out at and you can thank me later!